Brown Beauty Buttercup

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"Beautiful mahogany, you make me feel like a queen." -India.Arie

Caramel Complex 

As I am getting older and wiser with age, I find a new appreciation It wasn't always this way and in fact, I often tied my happiness with a sense of belonging. In elementary school, I wanted my mom to pack my lunch like all of my friends, in middle school I just wanted a boy to like me and in high school, I wanted to be "popular." This way of thinking even followed me into my early...early adulthood when trying to figure out if I was light or brown skinned. A trap I fell in, I found many of my peers battling with the issue of shadeism. Thinking that if I was placed in a particular classification, the feeling of being beautiful would just appear. However, the journey to finding my beauty took time and self reflection. Slowly (AND I MEAN SLOWLY) approaching my mid-twenties, I've learned to appreciate my beauty as well as the beauty of women all over the world, no matter the shade. I now know that beauty has a lot to do with character...with the mind...with the heart and the love you have for YOUR SELF!



"A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense." -Dictionary