Concrete Rose

A train to 125th Street > Transferred to the C train to 96th Street > Arrived at Central Park West

A Walk In The Park...

My new journey to New York City seemed simple like the scenery in Central Park. However, I learned that much like Central Park there was much more left unseen to the eye.

Portraits vs Reality...

I found comfort in the images of my new self... reincarnated to fit the form of Carey Bradshaw. A swift wind to snap me back to the reality of the Brooklyn-bound A train arriving. Steps... into a car filled with people of different backgrounds and situations. Realities of never seeing these individuals again to the next reality of running into them once again. Welcome, to the city.

Planting Roots

I was too nice. I was different. I was country. I smiled too much. I was...Brandi. I found that the many things that made me stand out contributed to the things that made me a New Yorker, now. Allowing myself to finally plant seeds in what looked like nothing but concrete. With a different environment compared to most flowers, I found that I had no problem blooming here. 


With Love,