Laid Back Lilac

Q Train to Prospect Park > S shuttle to Botanical Gardens

Abstract /'ab strakt/


2. an abstract work of art. 

Mona Lisa

This famous piece of work by Leonardo da Vinci way back when was finding a way into my millennial state of mind. Much like the masterpiece, I found that my smile wasn't always painted with a grin...teeth and a glow. Sometimes, it was a mystery. Happiness...was something you couldn't fake. It had to be felt, it was more of a spirit to me. 

The Perfect Canvas

The foundation of my masterpiece, how could I look over the beauty of a canvas? Simplistic and versatile, it was this object that held the art together. So busy trying to sketch an outline and choose colors, I forgot that this... piece of work could not exist without my canvas. My life... my pain... my beauty... me. I would not, could not experience life good or bad without a platform to lay it all out. With all things in life, take the time to establish a ground to walk, run, or jog on. Remember, perfection begins with                    



With Love,