Brown Beauty Buttercup

Q Train > W. 57th Street > Walked 0.2 Miles To Work


"Beautiful mahogany, you make me feel like a queen." -India.Arie

Caramel Complex 

As I am getting older and wiser with age, I find a new appreciation It wasn't always this way and in fact, I often tied my happiness with a sense of belonging. In elementary school, I wanted my mom to pack my lunch like all of my friends, in middle school I just wanted a boy to like me and in high school, I wanted to be "popular." This way of thinking even followed me into my early...early adulthood when trying to figure out if I was light or brown skinned. A trap I fell in, I found many of my peers battling with the issue of shadeism. Thinking that if I was placed in a particular classification, the feeling of being beautiful would just appear. However, the journey to finding my beauty took time and self reflection. Slowly (AND I MEAN SLOWLY) approaching my mid-twenties, I've learned to appreciate my beauty as well as the beauty of women all over the world, no matter the shade. I now know that beauty has a lot to do with character...with the mind...with the heart and the love you have for YOUR SELF!



"A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense." -Dictionary 





Daisies of DNA

Queens, New York> St. Louis, Missouri> Omaha, Nebraska



Omaha, Nebraska

"...the good life." - Stan Matzke, John Rosenow and J. Greg Smith



My home and heart... yet, my reminder of work to come. Omaha is the city my mom was born and raised in. I spent a lot of time here as well and contributed much of who I am today to this city. Omaha, was just one of many things I associated with my DNA. My Uncle Roland was a natural born genius and today, I thank him for his major influence on my writing and imagination. He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and while that sounds scary to most, I found that he was sweetest soul I ever met. My uncle read the dictionary...he could equate mathematical equations in his head without thinking and on a good day, he provided words of wisdom for anyone who would listen. The characteristics that made him "different" according to his diagnoses, added to the animation that I needed for an engaged reader.



17 1/2 years. My Uncle Bernard fought a battle everyday that many of could not understand. Loyalty is a term that everyone desires but one that many cannot fulfill. Bernard was all of this, allowing not one prison cell to hold him back. 17 1/2 years. I came to visit him throughout my whole life describing beaches and my life outside these bars. While he was hard on himself for his physical absence, he passed these acts of loyalty and advice through letters, phone calls and visits. However, my favorite was the soul that he passed down to his son, Bernard Jr. His son and I spent a lot of time reflecting on our past in Nebraska while planning a future that traveled beyond this location. While my cousin and I spent many years apart we found that this made no matter in our bond and shared interests. We found that the Long Family was merely a bouquet of flowers...trying to bloom, the best way we knew how.




Pain, Pride & Petunias

Walked 0.3 miles to 168th Street > 1 train to 96th Street > 2 train to Wall Street


"But pride's gonna be the death of you and you and me."

-Kendrick Lamar



My pride can get in the way of things at times when it comes to asking for help. Has this ever happened to you? Well, if it has here is a newsflash! You, we...I DO NOT know it all and CAN NOT do it all alone. If you did, who taught you? I had a hard time understanding this because I always wanted to show everyone around me that I was self sufficient. This, was not realistic and often times foolish of me to think. I had to break it down to understand. Just think, for every student there was a teacher. For every child there was a mother or parent figure.

Lean On Me

Now, I find comfort in my shortcomings. I'm okay with needing help at times and understanding that I don't know it all. Knowing that I have a great support system in my family, my sisters, my friends...and my life. Until next time...







Rehabs & Rosea

A train to Fulton Street > Walked 0.3 miles 


"Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know..." -Amy Winehouse



We all deal with a physical loss at one time or another. For some, the loss may be through death of a loved one and others, a path of part ways. While the physical presence of that person fades we find the memories sometimes never do. How do we move on or continue? How can I cry, cleanse, and then create? Closure is important for closing chapters. Time spent cleansing is necessary before beginning something new. 


An artist in many ways I found my best work to stem from milestones in my life, no matter good or bad. I found that it was important for me to create poetry, short writings, or images in times of transitions. My creations, at times provided explanations better than my conversations. If you're hurt, take time to heal. If you're in great spirits, be present in your happiness. Know that your emotions are never something to compete with. Cry when it touched you, cleanse when labor was asked of you, and create when you've made it through.

With love,


Laid Back Lilac

Q Train to Prospect Park > S shuttle to Botanical Gardens

Abstract /'ab strakt/


2. an abstract work of art. 

Mona Lisa

This famous piece of work by Leonardo da Vinci way back when was finding a way into my millennial state of mind. Much like the masterpiece, I found that my smile wasn't always painted with a grin...teeth and a glow. Sometimes, it was a mystery. Happiness...was something you couldn't fake. It had to be felt, it was more of a spirit to me. 

The Perfect Canvas

The foundation of my masterpiece, how could I look over the beauty of a canvas? Simplistic and versatile, it was this object that held the art together. So busy trying to sketch an outline and choose colors, I forgot that this... piece of work could not exist without my canvas. My life... my pain... my beauty... me. I would not, could not experience life good or bad without a platform to lay it all out. With all things in life, take the time to establish a ground to walk, run, or jog on. Remember, perfection begins with                    



With Love,